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success is found out how ... rework your ideas

Published: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: Success, Persistence, Rework, Assumptions

Success is not about getting lucky - those are unicorns that get lots of hype and funding.
Rework your ideas and rethink your assumptions.
So you think a book will sell? how long do you push it the best way you know how until you realize it will take a lot of luck or either a lot of money and/or connections to make it.
what about a piece of software? even though is solves problems that to you are grandiose, yet maybe the rest of the world does not see it that way.
so what if you are right and you just can't get your ideas and solutions out there.
lots of inventions and solutions go the grave with the creator and inventor. eventually over time someone young and looking finds your notes, your scratches of ideas and even maybe parts of your solutions and combines that into something bigger and better and they succeed and you are left watching another succeed.
that would sort of suck but hey, if that person gives you some credit and attribution, and then a % of the pie, maybe that person wants good karma and good happiness.
let's just see what happens.
for me, the books I have written and the software I have written and tools and procedures... they have done me well, yet I would love to license and lease them to others so they don't have to recreate the wheel and also take these things to the next level.
more to come...

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