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released v5.1.18 of GGPCTU tripped MSE ATP

Published: Saturday, August 24, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: Security, Threat Protection, Software Release, Risk vs Reward equation

this little Microsoft Security Essentials tidbit called Advanced Threat Protection kicked in when releasing v5.1.18 of GoGreen PC TuneUp today. To say the least, this looks a lot like the ATP from Cisco and Sonicwall routers. I like it!!
Ironically, why would advanced be anything other than standard operating procedure?
I guess when I do my job, am I in basic mode most of the time and then kick into advanced mode when I need to charge a client more. It makes sense. Actually, that is sort of true thinking, if I have to use my brain really hard and do some heavy lifting in my computing and business world, my billable rate does increase. Reward versus Risk equation engaged...
IMPORTANT ** So the GGPCTU release kicked in the new feature of ATP in MSE which is fine. It quickly uploaded to the MS cloud, did it hash checking and passed and continued to install just fine.
enjoy reading this... the part on Enable Block at First Sight... i wonder how that will affect Basic versus EV code signing certificates...
more to come...

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