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VLOG starting to grow -- it took 6 months -- Who needs help further..

Published: Saturday, October 12, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: VLOG, BLOG, Patience, Steady as she goes

It has taken 6 months to get my VLOG going and now it is starting to kick in, and go from 5 and 10 to 50 100 views. Linus LTT had it right. When he started 12 years ago, it was small, and when he hit 100,000 after 3 years, it went to a million two more years later.
With that being said, who wants to go with me?
What companies can I help in doing this?
As the tide rises so do all ships! If I can raise the tide, I want my ship and all ships associated to rise with me.
Stay Tuned!!
more to come...

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