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Visual Basic 6 Pro, generate a graphics test pattern in line with mandala draft

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

View Count: 1002, Keywords: Visual Basic 6, Mandalas, Mandelbrot, Images, Graphics, Test Pattern, Hashtags: #VisualBasic6 #Mandalas #Mandelbrot #Images #Graphics #TestPattern

Here is some sample code to get the screen width and height and test pattern to start your mandala generation. Its needed to start your symmetry points. it can be used for other things, but I am using it to start a Mandelbrot or Mandala's generator.
enjoy. more to come...
Private Sub Form_DblClick()
Call DrawTestPattern
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Call DrawTestPattern
End Sub

Private Sub DrawTestPattern()

'GGPCM.Label1 = "create line, randomize"
GGPCM.Label1 = ""
Debug.Print "create line, randomize"
Dim x, y, w, h

'Debug.Print Screen.Width & ", " & Screen.Height
Debug.Print GGPCM.Width & ", " & GGPCM.Height
Debug.Print GGPCM.ScaleWidth & ", " & GGPCM.ScaleHeight

'scalewidth is accurate to the form dimensions
w = GGPCM.ScaleWidth
h = GGPCM.ScaleHeight

Debug.Print Rnd
'While x < 1000
'     x = x + 1
'     y = y + 5
'    GGPCM.PSet (x, y), vbBlack

'draw a quadrant
PSet (w - (w * 0.1), h - (h * 0.1)), vbRed

'X corner to corner
GGPCM.Line (0, 0)-(ScaleWidth, ScaleHeight)
GGPCM.Line (ScaleWidth, 0)-(0, ScaleHeight)

'Cross T
GGPCM.Line (0, ScaleHeight * 0.5)-(ScaleWidth, ScaleHeight * 0.5)
GGPCM.Line (ScaleWidth * 0.5, 0)-(ScaleWidth * 0.5, ScaleHeight)

'GGPCM.Line (0, 0)-(w, h)
'GGPCM.Line (w, 0)-(0, h)

End Sub


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