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Deductible? Auto Insurance, Business Insurance

Published: Saturday, September 23, 2017 written by Drew Jackson
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Deductible? Auto Insurance, Business Insurance

September 23, 2017

Why do we have a deductible? for auto-insurance?


so you pay $350 every six months for comprehensive, collision, 30/60, towing, uninsured and for 4-5 years you don't get in an accident, and when you do, and you are not at fault, you still have a $500 or $1000 deductible?


A deductible? for what? that should just be $0. You are going through enough, and you pay your premiums and regardless of the cost, that extra cost because of not being your fault should not apply.


Your insurance carrier should say, "we have you covered and not to worry" instead of "we have you covered, please give us another $500 or $1000 before we do any work for you."


Why do we have a deductible? for auto-insurance, let alone anything else any more.




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