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Most difficult programming languages

Published: Sunday, March 29, 2020 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: Programming Languages, Most Difficult

Tech Republic has an article about the most difficult or hated programming languages among developers.
I found the article very useful. Why? because it relates directly to how I have preached and programmed for decades. 
Simplicity wins is the result of the article and my point being exactly.
The language most loved is Python and the language most hated was Javascript
I can agree with that and the caveats those interviewed poised; each programming language is for a specific purpose and yet among larger projects and teams, the most complicated the language the more difficult to maintain and hand off to other developers.
In one of my videos on 21 systems in the medical arena, that is my point exactly. Simplicity wins and Speed and Usability as a bonus if done correctly.
REF: Systems Architecture - 21 Systems, 3 Unique Keys, HIPAA Compliance
more to come....

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