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Remote support systems and security tips

Published: Monday, March 30, 2020 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: Remote Support, Security, Settings

If you have ever had to do remote support to clients, servers, network routers, or the like, you will know the following rules:
1. Have secure accounts with strong passphrases.
2. Make sure your root account is not used unless at the console.
3. Document your security and keep it offline and safe.
4. Have security profiles enabled to control logging
5. Have secure address sources and destinations with related ports.
6. Deny all, permit very little and only what is necessary.
7. Ensure security cameras cannot visually view your terminal.
8. Have security cameras on your equipment, doors and rooms.
9. Change passwords when your rotate employees and their assigned duties.
10. Have backups of your remote client software with licenses and remote server licenses and software in a secure source in case or reload.
11. Be careful with iLO configurations enabled and not have the defaults left wide open.
12. Log your remote access activity.
more to come...

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